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Intersectional. Intergenerational.

Indo-Caribbean Operated Psychotherapy.

Why MargINs Psychotherapy?

Race, culture, gender, sexuality, age, ability, socioeconomics, ancestral history…with so many elements that shape who we are and how we navigate the world, how can we expect mental health treatment to focus on only one at a time?


Creating the space for nuanced conversations, MargINs Psychotherapy focuses on culturally responsive practices, primarily catering to intersectionally marginalized populations.


We can’t compartmentalize our experiences based on any one aspect of who we are, and our mental health treatment shouldn’t have to, either.

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Therapy can understandably be a little bit scary to start, especially if you’re among the first of your family to prioritize mental health care. With integrative treatment that utilizes CBT, DBT, mindfulness, and psychoeducation, our goal at MargINs Psychotherapy is to create a safe, collaborative space that fosters individualized treatment that looks as different as each of our clients.

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